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Pleasure crosses the lives of Duarte and Nuno

Longtime friends, partners in martial arts, trekking, cooking, and enjoying a glass of good wine, they have long found something important: life has to be lived with pleasure.



He is clearly the one who cooks the best.

He loves large animals and cats (though he doesn’t admit it), and embodies the epicurean spirit in the best and fullest sense of the term. Duarte is frequently reminded that he is also the eldest of the three.

Lover of books and fast like a squirrel on caffeine, you can usually find him divided between life (family, trekking, cooking, etc.) and “the other side”: books. He’s the one who can’t say no, especially when sweets are concerned.

"Because travelling is a way of living and every place we visit becomes part of us."


We want people who visit us to live the best Portugal has to offer, and so we present you with the best tips, suggestions and offers. Because Portugal should be lived with all of the 5 senses.

Zestbooks - Books for Life

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