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Pleasure intersects the lives of Duarte and Nuno..

Longtime friends, partners in martial arts, hiking, cooking and drinking, they decided a long time ago on something important: that life is to be lived with pleasure.



He is, admittedly, the best cook here at the company.

He likes big animals and cats (although he won't admit it), and he embodies the Epicurean spirit in the best and most extensive of senses.

To annoy him, we remind him that he is also the oldest.

Passionate about books and fast-paced like a caffeinated squirrel, he is usually torn between life (family, walks, cooking, etc.) and the “other side”: books.

He's the one who can't say no, especially to sweets.

"Because traveling is a way of being in life and every place we visit becomes part of us."


We want those who visit us to experience the best that Portugal has to offer and, for that, we give the best tips, suggestions and offers. Because Portugal is for living with the 5 senses.

Zestbooks - Books for Life

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