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With the signature of one of the most important specialists in the area, this is the most extensive, thorough and current wine tourism guide in Portugal, where you will discover what to visit, and the main hotels and restaurants where wine is king.



The book is divided into regions, and for each of them the best wine tourism is indicated, as well as good places to sleep and eat.



It is a guide designed for those who enjoy wine, traveling, discovering places, aromas and flavors. For those who know how to live and enjoy the pleasures of life. 


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Portugal is one of the countries with the most history and character when it comes to wine.


Come and discover it as few know it and find out why the Alentejo was considered the "Best Wine Region in the World to Visit" by the newspaper USA Today and the Douro is World Heritage by UNESCO.


Explore more than a hundred wine tours, among palaces 

oitocentistas, boutique hotels e casas agrícolas centenárias, e conheça as histórias e as pessoas que lhes dão vida.


Signed by one of the most important specialists in the field, this is o the most extensive, thorough and up-to-date guide to wine tourism in Portugal, where you will find out what to visit, and the main hotels and restaurants where  wine is king.

Best in the world
Guia do Enoturismo em Portugal

We are not responsible for sudden passions for wine, nor for moving to close to this wine paradise, nor for the unstoppable desire to make your own wine, to open a restaurant or a wine cellar.



Maria João de Almeida  has been a journalist since 1995, specializing in the field of wines.


She was a contributor to several magazines and worked at TVI, later joining the staff of Expresso  for more than a decade, where she was part of the team that produced the guide das_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Rotas dos Vinhos de Portugal and coordinated various items in the areas of gastronomy and wine.


Since 2006, he has written wine chronicles for important Brazilian publications, such as O Estado de São Paulo, and was a jury of the best Portuguese wines and restaurants for magazine See. He currently works as a columnist for the in-flight magazine  by TAP.


She is editor of the magazine Escanção  and member of the International Federation of Wine and Spirits Journalists and Writers, participating in the jury of several national and international wine and gastronomy competitions.


In 2009, it launched the site, a reference in the area of wines, gastronomy and tourism, and the television channel VinhoTV.


She wrote and presented the program Rota dos Vinhos, and is the author of the texts for the documentary Entre Margens − Douro: O Vinho, o Rio Landscape, RTP2.


Trainer of wine tasting courses, she was also a professor in the postgraduate course in Enotourism Marketing at Universidade Lusófona.


In addition to this guide, he has already published the books Wine Memories e 112 Advice for Perceiving Wine.

Maria João de Almeida

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