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The association Urban Sketchers Portugal was challenged by Círculo de Lojas de Caracter e Tradição de Lisboa to design the spaces of traditional commerce in Lisbon. The stores opened their doors and let their unique products, facades, interiors, machinery, ceilings, letters and people be drawn by hand at the moment, a record of a memory that Zest now publishes.


HISTORICAL STORES IN LISBON is a small album, with a map, which aims to contribute to the permanence, promotion and enhancement of spaces that best represent the traditional trade of the city of Lisbon and its heritage and historical richness. A book that awakens us to the unique character of its people, their experiences, and their history that holds so many other stories. In them is the identity and authenticity of Lisbon that can only be captured through the lively and colorful look of the design.



There are about 40 historic stores, with contacts, GPS coordinates, hours, curiosities and secrets about each one of them, and illustrations, of course. With a preface by Appio Sottomayor, the book is available in 3 different languages (PT, EN, FR) and a map with the location of the stores. A roadmap guide to encourage the (re)discovery of these places that are more than made in Portugal, they are Portugal and Lisbon. And they are waiting for you to visit.


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flexicover cover, 190mm x 130mm, with inset map.

112 color pages.

3 languages: PT/EN/FR sold separately


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