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The Best Food in the Algarve

The Best Food in the Algarve

Gastronomy gift with 20 of the best and most famous Algarve recipes. Selected by Augusto Lima -cook and specialist in Algarve cuisine and indigenous products from the Algarve - and accompanied by a selection of wines by expert and wine critic Maria João de Almeida.
With retro-vintage design and spiral finish, in the format of a desk calendar.
Strongly illustrated, it is a product with enormous acceptance not only by the Portuguese public but, in particular, by the tourist public that visits us.

The best of Algarvian cuisine in an easy and attractive way.
With recipes for starters, soups, fish, meat and desserts, and easy to find ingredients, this is a beautifully illustrated book, ideal for remembering or sharing a little of the Algarvian gastronomic experience.
All recipes had the support of cook and Algarvian food specialist Augusto Lima, and are accompanied by a wine suggestion by wine specialist Maria João de Almeida.


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