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The 50 Best Tascas in Lisbon

The 50 Best Tascas in Lisbon

Zest presents the best, most complete and well-seasoned Guide to Tascas in Lisbon, with a careful selection of the 50 best in the city in the competitive championship of generous servings at fair prices.
A book made by someone who knows what he talks about, writes and eats, with a very attractive design, heavily illustrated, Flexicover finish and loose map insert.
The 50 taverns are presented in an empathetic and humorous way, with curiosities, many of which have never been printed before, various suggestions for what to eat and a precious list of dishes of the day. Also worthy of mention is the "Palito d'Ouro" prize awarded to the 7 best taverns in the city. Enjoy it.

Although it's customary to buckle up when setting off on a journey, you should definitely loosen the buckle before journeying through the taverns of Lisbon. That's the only way to make room in your belly for some of the city's best dishes, right out of the tascas' kitchens in generous well-cooked portions, at fair prices of no more than €10 per head.
From Lumiar to Pedrouços, from O Abrigo to Zebras do Combro, it includes 50 stops where filling up is more than a need, it's a pleasure. Please note: this guide does not stop at a list of addresses and phone numbers. On the contrary, amongst the pictures of cooks and list of dishes of the day the only thing missing is the smell of the food. Perhaps in the next edition.


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