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Lisbon por/by Urban Sketchers

Lisbon por/by Urban Sketchers

The most beautiful and personal portrait of the city of Lisbon you will ever see, by the hands of Urban Sketchers artists.
Zest partners with Urban Sketchers Portugal to show the city of Lisbon as you've never seen it, through the eyes and through the different techniques presented in this book.
There are more than 120 images of the entire city of Lisbon, from monuments to experiences, from spaces to secret places of each one. A tailor-made album of the stories of each of the 45 participating designers.
In a city where the image is so important, and the routine of photographing is no longer satisfying, drawing, in particular the drawing of those who live and experience the places, becomes one of the most beautiful and human ways of remembering Lisbon.

With more than 120 drawings, from 45 artists, this album presents a personal and intimate guided tour of this wonderful city.
Lisbon shows itself not only through the well known monuments and landscapes, but also through the secret places of each author.


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