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L i V RO

The second volume of STREET ART LISBON has already arrived.

At ZEST we edit what we like the most, it's a motto that defines us. And we love Street Art.


After the success of the first volume, ZEST and GAU have now brought together the works of national and international artists who colored the city of Lisbon between 2014 and 2016.


With the same portable format as the first (also including a map and GPS coordinates of the works), this is an album that pays homage to all those who continue to make Lisbon a world-renowned center of urban art.


Works of different scales, patterns and colors, self-portraits or abstract compositions, on murals or banal objects, come together on this physical support, allowing the reader to appreciate his favorites.


Because Street Art has the magic of transforming cities into authentic public museums, of making us look differently at what we would never notice before, the magic of waking us up and getting involved with the environment.


Enjoy and explore the urban landscape with us with STREET ART LISBON 2.

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