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Art and literature can be like that. We can appropriate the great figures and works that have fed our culture, and even add a little of our own art, respecting it and making it grow, too.

Here you will find a real, but different, Fernando Pessoa. João Viegas adds a touch of humor to the universal author and creates cartoons that show the writer that we all (may or may not) know, giving him a new look. He is no longer the occultist, brilliant student, obsessive, depressive, or misogynist, much less the genius who prepared everything so that in the final phase of his life he could dominate the literary world, and who died when he was about to launch his plan (this is material for cartoons in itself...). He is transformed into a rather more mundane, modern-day, closer and sometimes surreal sight, but absolutely always with great humor.

Fernando, Fernandinho and his friends are turned into characters in his own work, as a reflection of what he wrote. Here, Pessoa is part of the world that he created or where we put him these days. This book might, in fact, give us a more realistic image of Pessoa than many have of him.

After all, does anyone know who Fernando Pessoa really was?

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