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Have you seen any work of graffiti today? What was the last piece of street art you noticed? Did its impact on the street please you? On Lisbon's façades, walls, panels, glass recycling containers, among other supports, there is a whole artistic world
to discover. Lisbon has been asserting itself on the European scene as one of the capital cities that promotes and raises awareness of urban art expressions, collecting works of notable artists, both national

and international, of minimum or wide-scale dimensions, created
by several generations of authors, with various techniques and totally different discourses.


This book features a few of the many accomplishments in this plastic arts world, from 2012 and 2013, or from before those years but still to be found on the streets today, offering its readers the chance to plan routes for some of the most emblematic creations in the city of Lisbon. It is urgent to visit them, not only for their irreverent, unexpected and unusual beauty, but mainly because they are ephemeral manifestations, which may disappear any time soon. Enjoy — like poetry, urban art is in the streets and also in the pages of this book...


Urban Art Gallery/ Department of Cultural Heritage


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 Listed as one of the world's 25 best cities for street art, Lisbon is the working ground for artists like Vhils, Pantónio, MAR, AkaCorleone, ±MaisMenos± and several others. Regularly visited by artists from all over the world, including BLU, Os Gêmeos, M. CHAT, Aryz, How & Nosm, and many more, this vibrant capital is not only the best place to be outdoors, but also the right place to enjoy the most public of all arts.


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