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Zest partners Urban Sketchers Portugal to show the city of Lisbon as you have never seen it, through the eyes and different techniques present in this book.


It features over 120 images of all Lisbon, from monuments to experiences, from different spaces to each sketcher's secret spots. An album made with the stories of all the 45 participating sketchers.


In a city where image is so important, and the routine of photography no longer satisfies, drawing, and in particular drawing by someone who lives and experiences places becomes one of the most beautiful and most human ways of remembering Lisbon.


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Os Urban Sketchers Portugal are a collective of authors who draw in graphic diaries the cities where they live, the places where they travel, which they meet to draw regularly and respect the following manifesto:

1. We design in situ, inside and outside, recording directly what we observe.
2. Our designs tell the story of what surrounds us, the places where we live and where we travel.
3. Our drawings are a record of time and place.
4. We are faithful to the scenes we witness.
5. We use any type of technique and value each individual style.
6. We support each other and draw together.
7. We share our drawings online.
8. We show the world, one drawing at a time.

When designing everyday life in Lisbon, daily routines inevitably arise, less obvious points of interest, technical experiments with new plastic materials, but also the fascinating Lisbon that impresses tourists, the light that is reflected in the Tagus and illuminates everything in duplicate, the monuments, the good life that our city offers…

This is what this book offers: drawings and stories of people from Lisbon made in their daily lives.

Mario Linhares
                                 Urban Sketchers Portugal


- in alphabetical order -

Alexandra Belo

Alexandre Esgaio

Ana Cristina Martins

Antonio Araujo

Antonio Latino Tavares

Antonio Procopio

Barbara Lehmann

Carina Figueiredo

Carla Silveira

Carlos Barradas

Claudia Salgueiro

Eduardo Costa Gomes

Eduardo Salavisa

Elizabeth Santos

Emilia Morais

Filipa Barradas

Filipe Almeida

Filipe Leal de Faria

Filipe Pinto

Giulia Panfil

Helena Faria Monteiro

Henrique Vogado

Isabel Alegria

João Catarino

John Moreno

João Santos

Luis Frasco

Luis Gabriel

Manuela Rolão

Maria Matos

Mario Linhares

Nelson Patience

Nuno Branco

Patricia Bargao

Paula Cabral

Pedro Alves

Pedro Gomes

Pedro MB Cabral

Rita Care

Rosario Felix

Rui Colaço

Suzana Nobre

Tiago Cruz

Vicente Sardine

Victor Velez

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